Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Must Read for the New Year

God exists in the spaces we overlook. We look for Him, typically in things, thoughts, works and other natural circumstances. True, He can be found there when we seek Him, but once we see Him we see that He is a super- natural God, not confined to worldly situations.

Then; it dawns on us that we have His mind. At this point, letting go of the things we've trusted for so long is the battle, or is it? It would appear the battle is to let go, but in actuality the supernatural exists regardless of my state of mind. Having to battle to receive God puts to shame grace, so it can't be.

Today, start 'fresh' and in a perfect faith. Purpose with God to trust Him. Decide to live where He is Lord of our lives, and Love is our language.

This year, how about doing something beyond making a new year's resolution...  How about having a revolution, within your own heart?

I Am, David

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related reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Weapon formed...

Yea, yea, yea, I know that no weapon that is formed 'against me' will prosper... but what about the ones formed for me??? What about all the stuff in my life that God wanted to shape me and mold me, allowing me to be me (which is really a unique facet of Him), to be Light and Salt in the Earth? Why can't it be that bad things happen to change me? I think this is so.

It wasn't just Jesus nailed on the cross... it was your sin nailed on the tree, leaving you without blemish, free. This type weapon is meant to carve away anything that hinders you from being The Light in this world.

Well, I'm changed... whether He meant for the pain and struggle to make this happen or not, it's happened. 

I Am, David

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related study: Isaiah 54, 55, 56

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who shall I be today?

New York comedian Demetri Martin said, "I went into a clothes store and a lady came up to me and said 'If you need anything, I'm Jill'. I've never met anyone with a conditional identity before." Isn't that how most of us act? Depending on the circumstance, we'll put on the appropriate face. Depending on what we're doing, or who we'll be engaging, we seem to act that role.

Is it God's best plan for you and I to change faces with each changing situation? No. God couldn't be more clear that He desires that we shine, not letting anything dim our light. His word says we should be in the world but not of it.

Now, immediately we each have all sorts of mental images or ideas as to what it means to be a 'shining light' and not let anything dim this light. We also have mental images as to what it means to be in the world but not of it. Those images and ideas could possibly be accurate but they will never capture the fullness of Eternity, the measure which exists within you.

When we adopt different identities daily, we are doing nothing more than shortchanging ourselves. Regardless if you believe you are being 'good' or 'bad' isn't the point. The point is that you be true to what is happening within you. God is spirit and the path to enlightenment is to enter into the 'now' moment by being honest and truthful with your present reality.

Is your present reality true? I don't know if your present reality is 'God's Truth' but if it's 'your present reality', it's certainly true to you. Whether the present reality is our final perspective or not, isn't the question. The path into peace with God is being honest with the present moment. God calls this 'confessing'. We can't confess without being honest. Actually, being honest is just another word for confess; honest with ourselves by being in the moment, not wearing a mask.

So, exactly who am I and what does that look like? This writing doesn't really address who you are, but does address the hidden agenda to why we usually ask such a question. The major reason we are so concerned with how something is supposed to look is that we want to emulate it. We are apparently afraid to actually become anything. The funny thing is that we 'are' something deep inside, beyond all those masks and performances. 

Well, if your mind works anything like mine, you may be asking something like, didn't Jesus tell us to follow Him? Or, didn't Paul tell some to follow himself as he followed Christ? Good point and I'm glad you are thinking. Exactly where did Jesus go when He said to follow Him? Where did Paul go? They were going to the cross. Still want to follow Him? Or, are you just interested in looking good, and saving your reputation?   God isn't interested in you wearing a mask, looking like a believer or preserving your reputation. God really has a plan for your life and you are important to Him. No matter your age or IQ, you can see God all around you if you're willing to allow yourself to be loved.

What's going on? God's plan for your life is to prosper you and this plan carries it's fastest end, by engaging and accepting the plan. God isn't wanting you to perform like you've got Him. He actually desires for you to experience oneness with Himself, which can't be done if we are acting like someone we aren't. Sadly, we can't jump to next year, or even next week. We must live in the now. Living in the now is just another way of saying that we aren't going to resist God. It's also another way of agreeing that God has a plan for my life, and that I trust Him.

The title of this writing is 'Who shall I be today?'.  It's the hardest thing I've ever attempted.  Being real is not easy, but it is the course assignment God has given me.  You can be anyone you want, today or anytime, but I would like to throw my 2 cents in at this point: 'The best you is the real you!'

I Am, David
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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Beautiful Mind

James, a close friend, is a paranoid schizophrenic. I've known James for many years now, meeting on a weekly basis. Lately, we meet 3 or 4 times each week, each of us growing more and more intimate with our Creator God. James has trouble connecting the dots in life because he has an alternate reality no one else can see. In James' reality, there is a government ran network of people controlling people like himself by computers, placed in courthouses and government buildings around the world. According to James, it's mind control. I believe him.

Do I believe there are computers able to control and read peoples thoughts, implanting instructions? No; but I do believe James has this reality and when I see him trying to process otherwise simple problems; problems most of us would consider elementary, his mind is preoccupied with torment, not allowing him to 'see' what you and I see daily in our decision making. His mind is preoccupied with processing; interpreting all the information, made so real to him. To James, the continuous barrage of thoughts coming at him are real. His mind is preoccupied.

James thinks we meet so he can be tutored, mentored, and taught to carry the power of God through life's many challenges. The truth is that I am no different than him and I learn probably more than him. James has a wrong perception issue, causing his mind to be preoccupied, yet he still has such a simple childlike faith in God. He also has a continuing struggle between this childlike faith and trusting in his own brand of reality, just like me. James, myself, and you have alternate thoughts preoccupying our minds.

Many times, I have thoughts of any number of things consuming me. I think of what order I'll get showered and dressed in the morning, in order to make a meeting at a certain time. I think about how I'm perceived by others. I think about how I can change my behavior to get a sale, or a desired response from whomever I'm speaking. I also think about life situations as they happen; or rather, usually well before they happen, running it though my mind, to be prepared to react when it happens. It's not really funny, but my preoccupied mind never imagines correctly what will happen. It's only when my mind is free from occupation ['preoccupied' (must be my word for the day)], there He is, manifesting things we've imagined while 'with' Him, yet struggled to know how they might again flow freely though us.

A preoccupied mind is just another way of saying 'sin'. Sin is not decisions or performances based on morality, good or bad. God's desire is that His thoughts occupy our minds, rather than being preoccupied with day to day matters of this world.

As I read the definition to the word occupy, I felt so ashamed, convicted, then free. I felt free because He was illuminating within me. Thoughts that were occupying my mind were having Light shown on them, revealing the futility of the trust in them. As I connected how I have allowed my mind to be occupied by my thoughts, God gently manifested in me. The thoughts of this world largely have gone away.

God's invitation for us is to trust Him with childlike faith so that 'no thing' can be between you and He. Trusting God with everything means trusting Him with my mind, my thoughts, enough to lose them in Him and not give thought about tomorrow. As we're set free, now we see as He sees; our decisions will be much better. Without really thinking about tomorrow, we'll have bank accounts, cut our grass and pay our bills. There will be provision to do what needs done, and if the provision ceases, we'll adjust our lifestyle instead of figuring out how to maintain. Without really thinking and processing, we'll make normal decisions because we're no longer victims trying to win. We're victors enjoying a victorious life.

Think about an occupied country or a war ravaged area, where a group of people occupy a territory. That's like our minds. Our thoughts shouldn't occupy our minds, intrenching like our lives will end if we think differently. Thoughts should flow freely, giving room and place for God to change our minds, giving us new direction.

As an exercise, read the definitions of the word occupy and let me know if this ministers to you:
Merriam-Webster: oc·cu·py
Pronunciation: \ˈä-kyə-ˌpī\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): oc·cu·pied; oc·cu·py·ing
Etymology: Middle English occupien to take possession of, occupy, from Anglo-French occupier, occuper, from Latin occupare, from ob- toward + -cupare (akin to capere to seize) — more at ob-, heave
Date: 14th century

1 : to engage the attention or energies of
2 a : to take up (a place or extent in space) b : to take or fill (an extent in time)
3 a : to take or hold possession or control of b : to fill or perform the functions of (an office or position)
4 : to reside in as an owner or tenant
— oc·cu·pi·er \-ˌpī(-ə)r\ noun

"I have told you, when you are not consumed by thoughts, you will have peace. When your preoccupied with situations, you will experience trouble. But there's still hope! I am actively working to remove your hope in worldly ways." John 16:33 David

I Am, David
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Can I Relate to God? What's His Nature?

How can I relate to God? What's His Nature?  God is like air, free for anyone to breathe... Man's created religions are nothing more than attempts to explain an unexplainable God; these are attempts the creation is making to recreate God in our own image rather than embracing the simple truth we were created in His image. We weren't just created in His image. We were also created in His likeness. We have the same depth as our creator within us, as our true identity.  Deep within what we traditionally think is ourself, beyond our thoughts and emotions, exists our true self, Life.

Man's worldly illusion of truth complicates the simplicity of God, creating 'clicks'. These 'clicks', sometime called denominations or religions are simply creations we have crafted, in order to gain control of an uncontrollable God. We 'bottle' Air, and try to sell it, calling it pure. God has made Himself freely available for all to breath (trust). Man's religion divides God into false, worldly explainable stories.

We don't need special instructions on how to breath air, do we? Every time we try to give special instructions on how to teach someone else to breathe (handle life or relate to God), all we are doing is reinforcing the great divide religion offers.

God is Love. Only love conquers all. If my people (you) will humble themselves (yourself) and accept Me in Truth and Spirit, then I will change their (your) mind and their (your) circumstances. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I Am, David
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hypocrisy isn't in the Name of My God

I hate hypocrisy! The origin of the word 'hypocrite' actually means to act as in a play on stage. I truly desire for you and I to be who we are, through and through. That's is God's desire as well.

Listening to all the arguments in the world today would nearly drive a sane person to believe the best route for humanity were to play 'the game'. It's very amusing to see the world come to an end as we know it. Politics and seeing what personal attacks well meaning people can resort, just makes me sick.

Have we forgotten that God loves ALL people? This includes Obama, Bush, Hitler, Palin, John the Baptist, You and I. If you say you are better than any of these listed, you might want to tread carefully on the thin ice your walking. God can even change the “christian” minister, although most leaders are harder for God to reach than the person living their life without regrets. God says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. God also says that He paid the price to make us 'right' with Him. Regardless how you view it, if you are believing God, this does not give you a personal license to throw stones and personally attack those who handle life's choices differently than you might. And it doesn't mean their lifestyle choices are any of your business.

Okay, so there are differences in opinion as to how to handle some issues. I encourage everyone to speak their mind about any issue they want. If you think I'm asking you to change your behavior, that's not at all the point of this writing. I am simply saying you might want to drop whose name you say you are doing it in, because it isn't in the name of my God, some of the condemnation spoken in the name of 'Christ'.

Frankly, I wouldn't care if 'In God we trust' were taken off our money, if it isn't in our hearts. The greater issue is actually trusting in God, not writing it on our money. Actually trusting God results in true love for our neighbor as thyself.

God isn't trying to get you to 'act' in any manner. God is after your heart. He wants to show you first hand how wonderful Heaven on Earth can be.  Through all life's trouble, God is inviting you into a Real relationship, where you aren't acting, but rather, simply being who you are.

I Am, David
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recommended reading: (Matthew 6:33) (Gen. 1:26-27 NIV) (I John) (II John) (III John)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are you Happy???

"Are you happy?"  Well, "Are you?"  I mean, really happy, genuinely to your core.

"Do external happenings in your life change your attitude for long periods of time, happy or sad?" 

"Did your team win and does that make you happy?"  "Do you find your identity by how your team does?" 

If you let anything change your attitude for an extended period of time, you have allowed yourself to be in bondage to it.  I'll say it in different words,  If you are unhappy, it's your own doing. 

You are in control of your feelings.  You are not a slave to your feelings or your thoughts. 

Try this simple exercise... take an inventory of anything you usually attach the word 'I' or 'my', or some other variable.  Things like... my car, my spouse, my house, my bank account, my team, my reputation.  Did you know that one day you'll have to let those things go?  Did you know they aren't really yours and those things really don't identify you?  What's left about you when you remove all those tangible 'things'?  If those things do identify you, your destined to be controlled by them. 

Recently, I faced a situation, which I'll write in more detail, hopefully soon.  This situation required I ask a panel of peers to give me certain 'rights' and 'privileges' that I didn't presently have.  This process gave me cause to reflect on my true motivation in this situation.  Even though small, in the final days leading to the meeting with the panel, I discovered I had allowed myself to be in bondage based on their decision.  I thought "how foolish" I was to allow myself to give my present state of being in exchange for a silly 'legal' proceeding.  I actually laughed to myself and sort of chuckled.  The same could be true for you, in a relationship, or anything else you attach 'I' or 'my' too. 

Try being honest if you find yourself being tossed around by life's waves.  Get it out in the open; let the Light shine on it.  Admit it to yourself.  Get it in your mind what you are allowing to control you.  As you do this, you'll find a remarkable, and empowering sense come over you.  You may find a desire within yourself to 'confess' to a friend, brother or sister.  You may even want to write me and tell me what's going on.  It's actually a very empowering thing to admit something that is presently tossing you around...  Why is it so empowering? As it happens, you take the sting out of it.  You are actually 'finding yourself' by process of elimination.

Confessing, or telling the truth about what's happening will bring you great joy because you are living in your present moment.  This brings great joy because it removes the stress from striving to be something you aren't, or trying to 'look' like something  you're not.  When it's just a show, you have to maintain it.  When it's real, it just is. 

When I faced the panel, I had purposed in my heart that it really didn't matter what they decided.  In fact, it was true that I really didn't give a d$#@.  Remember 'Red', in the movie, Shawshank Redemption?  He came up for parole many times over the many years of his incarceration- "Parole Denied" time and time again.  Finally, he came to a place in his existence that he stopped trying to control the outcome of the parole board.  He went before the panel and simply stated his heart.  He said he didn't give a d$%# what they decided and they should do whatever they wanted-  "Parole Granted". 

When we try to change the outcome of our lives, we are going against the flow God has for our ordered steps.  Relax and simply 'be' where you are.  It's easier said than done, but if you want to 'hold hands' while I do it too, I'll be glad to meet with you for some quality time, and we'll go through this together.  In fact, there are several of us who have met for many years, and we'd love to get to know you.  You are very welcome here. 

I AM, David
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Monday, October 5, 2009

What is Permissible? Where is the Line?

What is permissible? Where is the line? I guess it depends upon where you are operating and who you ask but I think the right question is really, "Is there a line?".

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic around here. We've had multiple remodeling projects and a self-imposed deadline we've kept ourselves in submission. So much work and very little rest is taking a few days for my body to recover. At least my hope is that my body recovers in a few days. Being so tired, the Lord has been encouraging me with helping me understand grace and how it pertains to the law.

First, let's ask ourselves one crucial question: Did Jesus fulfill the law and how did He do it? Jesus did fulfill the law and He did it by grace, not performance. I am sure Jesus performance was fine too, but it wasn't His performance that fulfills the law. It's grace that fulfills the law. There is no longer a need for law when there is grace. This question, “How is the law fulfilled”, is at the pendulum of understanding grace in our own lives. It's also crucial if we ever intend on being free from society's legalistic pressure to perform in certain ways. So many times, the Bible references instances where Jesus was asked to confirm or deny the law was applicable to a given situation. Every time, He seemed to ignore the law. What was He doing? He was manifesting and living in a higher law, grace. 

I invite you to live in the land of the living with me. Embrace true love from God, for God, yourself, and everyone you meet. Truly embrace each person and allow yourself to really connect with them. Release them from the bondage of rules you unintentionally cage their identity by controlling their actions and thoughts. Allow them to be themselves so they may also walk in the light. Walking in the light isn't walking in your set of standards. Walking in the light is embracing your present reality of truth. Try not to throw stones at performances you don't think are measuring up, but rather, look within yourself to find the source of a legalistic mindset that needs to be set free.

I AM, David
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Friday, September 18, 2009

To Be, or Not To Be: That is the Question... To Be What?!?!?!

William Shakespeare asked the right question. The question is one we each have to answer every day of our lives. You may recognize the famous quote from Hamlet, “To be, or not to be: that is the question”. The other morning I had a beautiful reminder of God's love for me. It's nothing new for me that I have struggled accepting love, but it was so welcome to be in His presence. While spending time with the Lord the other morning, I decided I didn't want to be a husband any longer. Instead, I decided to be me. Now, I am a much better husband. At the same time, I decided I didn't want to be anything else either, I just want to be.... be me.

It may sound like splitting hairs to some, but there are many who struggle with taking current events and relationships on as part of their identity. I know because I am one of them. It's taken many trips to and through the cross, failing time after time to teach me that God wants me free in this life, not burdened by relationships and current events. 

There is no better you than you and there is no better me than me. God made us unique and loves each of us individually, just like we are. God calls this type of acceptance agape love and it is God's desire for you to accept it.

I'm not sure about you but once again, I am finished wearing masks, taking on roles, allowing relationships and current events to be part of my identity. My identity has nothing to do with what I do. We'll be at much more peace, when we are just being ourselves, trusting God, allowing Him to shape us as He sees fit.

To be or not to be? It really is a very good question but now that I know who I am, I just want to be.

I AM, David
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I was a Victim of Identity Theft

Recently, I discovered just how bad identity theft can hurt someone. I recently discovered I was the victim of identity theft. To make the story bizarre, it was myself who did the stealing. That's right; I was the victim and the perpetrator. As the comic strip character says, "I have met the enemy and he is me".
For some time, we've been talking about having an identity crisis. We 'are' having a crisis when we resist the flow of Life through us, but it is because we've had our identities stolen, or at least our perception of our identity. In those times, we don't know who we are, thinking that we are what we do, or some other thought or action.

When we cover ourselves with a mask, all we are doing is attempting to control our circumstances, usually protecting ourselves from pain through worldly means. We are also saying loud and clear that we don't like ourselves and we don't trust that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, special.  Some persons in the Body of Christ like to use titles or ministry to identify themselves over others who haven't yet arrived, apparantly because we find it difficult to separate ourselves from a function.  Not only am I fearfully and wonderfully made, I am one with Eternal God. I am free and so are you. The rub is, sometimes we just don't know it.

The truth is that my true identity cannot be stolen but it can be covered by worldly identities, effectively making myself a child, even though I am an heir.  The life force in you is the force 'behind' your actions, thoughts and efforts. Your actions, thoughts and efforts are not your identity. Your sum total of your past experiences does not make your identity.

Have you had your identity stolen? Who stole it? I'll bet if you are honest, you'll join me in saying it's my own disbelief that has hindered me. Pointing fingers won't help. Being who you are is the only way into peace.  Be honest and confess your now.  Be still and know that God is God. When we are finally still, we start to see there is no separation between us and our God. He has bridged the great divide.
I am one with Eternal God.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Want an Instant Stress Reliever?

Everyone around you has been taught to work for acceptance and love.  This includes you because everyone has this same 'system' built into their earth suits.  How about letting each other off the hook, and not require them to work for love.  How about just giving them love, acceptance?  You don't have to agree with everything they say or do, but you can recognize there is a struggling person trapped inside their body, trying to get love in all the wrong places.

When God clothes us, He does it from the inside, and then it flows out; otherwise, His desire would be for us to follow the law. His desire is not for you to follow the law, but rise above it, walking in love.

Want an instant stress reliever (warning, it will develop character and humility)?  Try looking past actions (even your own) and accepting each other for who they are on our deepest part.  Let your self off the 'work for love' hook.  Let each other off the hook...  Love first, ask questions later.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special 9/11 Report: (I am a citizen of ______.)

I am a citizen of _______.

Do you know what the definition of citizen? Merriam-Webster defines citizen as: (1) : an inhabitant of a city or town; especially: one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman.

I've been really thinking about dual citizenship and if it's possible to really have dual citizenship. We know that it is possible to have citizenship in two countries, states, or similar situations but I'm really thinking about my citizenship in heaven and my citizenship in (a) the human race, (b) country (The United States of America), (c) state (Alabama), (d) family (husband, father), and i.e. It seems as though believers in God (really, no matter who your god is) should hold first allegiance to Him.

Remember back on 9/11? I'm sure we all hold many memories of the twin towers coming down, along with fears, thoughts and revelations of that infamous day. One revelation I had was that we Christians weren't committed quite to the depths of the terrorists in those attacks. While I abhor the actions of the terrorist and celebrate the heroes that ran toward places everyone else were exiting, it seems that the terrorists did exactly as they had purposed in their hearts. At the same time, it seems Christians spend much of our time judging each other rather than simply loving people right where they are.

What have we purposed in our hearts? Wasn't it to trust God? Wasn't it to accept the free gift of Jesus, our redeemer, who put upon Him, not only my Sin but the Sin of the world. It seems that if my hope were fully grounded in Him, so many things happening in today's world wouldn't get us so anxious and upset (or at least maybe we would have the courage to recognize when we are anxious, and allow God to reveal to us our area of lack of faith).

There is so much talk about health care lately... so much that there is pressure to pick a side. Similar problems have risen over the years, although not to this heightened state of frenzy. Let me mention a couple of 'hot-topics' and see if you have a strong opinion on what is right for this country or local area you may be. How about prayer in school? What are your thoughts? What about allowing same-sex marriage? Any thoughts? Be honest... How about taking 'In God we Trust' off our money? Does that matter to you?

My point is simple. Trust God. There are debates around every corner and to think God is on one side or the other is to lose focus on what God is doing. What is God doing? I guess you should ask Him that if you don't have a good relationship with Him. One thing I know will happen is that this country and world is not surviving as we know it. Problems of this world are going to get worse instead of better. Tragic things will happen and opportunities to get sucked into an emotional roller-coaster are around every corner. God is taking down things that exalt itself before Him. He is raising Himself in the Earth (His Body) and He isn't in a system or a 'box'. There isn't such a scenario of every knee not bowing... No, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. Did you think we would all just go out in a field somewhere and pick flowers for such a movement of God to manifest? Of course you didn't. We all know that out of adversity breeds strength and truth.

If our citizenship is in the world we'll respond with worldly tactics. Of course, I am not encouraging or discouraging anyone from taking a position or joining any group or organization. I think you should do what is in your heart (just be sensitive and allow your heart to change). I am merely pointing out that God isn't taking sides except the one side He already took. The side He took was way back before the world was formed. He chose you. He chose to put into place a world with an Adam and an Eve, knowing they would fail to trust Him. Knowing this, He had Himself to offer in exchange, keeping all who come short a way to be one with Him. He chose a side all right, and that side is not a petty political race, or an issue that divides. His grace is sufficient and His love conquers all the fear you will ever encounter. Love is the answer. If we have to pick a side in a debate, just remember that God loves us all and the system in which we keep trying to save is probably one that God is taking down. He has prepared many believers to manifest love as more and more trials happen. The very trials themselves produce fiery baptisms, revealing Truth in all of us.

Where is my citizenship and is it possible to have dual citizenship? I guess it's possible but being double minded probably isn't what God had in mind when He simply asked you to believe.


Additional Study:  Joshua 5:13-14 Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, "Are you for us or for our enemies?" "Neither," he replied, "but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's it gonna take to get your life on track?

As long as our thinking remains an intellectual pursuit, we will walk in darkness, behind the cloud. So... you've decided you don't want to walk in darkness any longer? It's really irrelevant what you have decided because God decided nothing would separate you from His love. Too many times to count, we've offered counsel to individuals and families seeking help. Eventually, we'll ask one simple question, "What's it gonna take to get your life on track?"

Very few answer they didn't know what to do. Most think they know what is lacking to get on track. Some people have answered they need a job, money, time, education, food, shelter, support system, family, and many other things. While any of those things would probably make them more comfortable, they would not create freedom. I suppose it never dawns on us that our best effort's got us in our mess. When absolute brokenness happens, a loss of hope in our own abilities can be replaced by faith in God. This new found faith stems from a source, not grounded in the world, but in our true identity, which is eternal.

While it is very simple, it's not easy experiencing freedom. Experiencing freedom is the most difficult thing you will ever attempt. In fact, the only way you can experience it is to give up trying. Isn't that a kicker! There are no shortcuts. John 10 describes a pathway or door that we must go through, and attempting to enter using other means, make us thieves and robbers. The pathway to freedom is the cross. There are no shortcuts and our old way of thinking has to be rejected. It's a very real thing to be crucified with Christ.

Study the photo in this post. Imagine what real experiences those people went through. There are no shortcuts and the cross isn't a metaphor. There is no way around the pain of letting go of a system that we love so much, but there is something far greater set before you.

Eternity isn't waiting to start when time is finished. Eternity is in a different dimension, one that will never be seen until we let go of the things of this world. When we let go of the things of this world, strangely, we are free to enjoy all things more fully. It's only when we don't find our identity in the world, that we can move freely in it.

What's it gonna take to get your life on track? It may be a surprise to you but your life is not off-track. If you aren't presently walking in the Light, you are right on track for a head on collision with the cross. The pain from all your hopes going down the drain will leave you with nothing left but to trust God and allow Him to be your life.


Friday, September 4, 2009

What is Restoration House Ministries all about?

Restoration House Ministries could just as easily be called “Luke 5:11 Ministries”. We have surrendered our lives teaching the things revealed to us in this passage and others. Luke 5:1-11 tells the story of the calling of the first disciples. One day while at the Sea of Galilee Jesus sees two boats, one belonging to Simon. He gets in and asks him to put out from shore a little. From inside Simon’s boat, He taught the people.

When He had finished speaking, He told Simon to put out into the deep water and let down the nets for a catch. He tells Jesus they had fished all night long, working hard and they hadn’t caught a thing. But Simon continued, saying to Jesus that because He said so, he would let down his nets.  When Simon let down his nets, as Jesus had said to do, the catch was so tremendous that his nets began to break and his boat began to sink. He called for the other boat and while helping, there were so many fish their nets began to break and it almost sank as well.

This is where most Christians “go into the ministry”. We stick our finger in our Bibles and begin to minister. The first word from God can tragically be the last until God allows our old nature to run its course (broken), thereby revealing a new realm of possibilities.

These men had just caught the greatest catch of their lives as professional fishermen but they do something really strange at this point. Jesus tells Simon not to be afraid and that from now on he would catch men. In response they pulled their boats on shore and left everything to follow Him. Have you ever thought about what they left behind? They left their huge catch of fish, probably their largest ever.  Nowadays, we would probably be calling Guinness Book of World Records. They left their livelihood as fishermen and to seal the deal, they left their boats and all their equipment. They even left their fathers to follow Him.

Restoration House Ministries is dedicated to taking you to that place, as we continually go there ourselves.  There is a place in Christ that is perfectly still and at rest, even in a storm.

To many times to count, we've had people in our office or telephone calls, and we've asked a simple question, "What's it gonna take to get your life on track?".  So few answer they had tried everything and didn't know what to do next.  So few answer they were at the end and were hopeless for ever finding an answer.  So very few are willing to walk the narrow road less traveled.  You see, it's impossible to trust God fully without losing all hope in worldly means.  God's plan for your life leads you to trusting Him so fully that you absolutely turn your back on the ways of the world.  It's still true today that the Chief Cornerstone is rejected by those that haven't lost hope in the world.  It's only when we don't find our identity in the world, that we can move freely in it.

We aren't building an organization or a group with an idea of having an impact on anything or anyone.  We aren't trying to get church members to leave the place they are called.  All we are about is simply trusting God and having a very personal relationship with our God.  Many 'works' flow out of that intimacy, but our heart is to be so transparent that our old agenda is lost and replaced with His heart.

We believe that eternity isn't waiting to start but it is in a different dimension, one that time, and things in time, operate.  Eternity is much like a room filled with smoke and inside the room is a thin, short thread, floating in the air.  The thread represents time and everything else is eternity.  We are an association of believers and ministries.  We are all about the maturing of the saints so we can all grow and know our perfection in God.  In short, we are about revealling our new identity in Christ, restoring God's house.

Our door is open for you and we would love to share some time with you. You won't be asked to join anything- in fact, there is no membership to join.

I AM, David

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Real or Imitation- How do you want to spend your life? Part One

What do you see to your left? Do you see a duck? or, do you see a 'rubber' duck, that looks 'like' a duck? Obviously, the image to the left is a cheap imitation of the real thing. Walking like a duck, talking like a duck, looking like a duck or any other attribute will never make it a duck. Likewise, walking like a chicken, clucking like a chicken, or looking like a chicken won't make you a chicken.  Wherever you are in life, be there.  Give your entire self to the moment and enjoy it. 

Since we're talking about ducks, what is the most important thing a duck needs to know? There are tons of things you might answer. Possible answers that a duck might need to know are: 
  • how to find food, water
  • how to communicate
  • where to find shelter
  • how to find his or her mate to reproduce
  • where to find safety
  • acceptance to his group
  • part of the social network
All those answers are really good and you could probably come up with dozens more, but all those answers are circumstantial and none are more important than one thing. The most important thing a duck needs to know is that he is a duck. He must know who he is. He must know his identity. The same is true with you. If you want to be free, you must know who you are. When we're free, our decisions are based in a place at our core, rather than considering what each decision 'looks like' or how 'this will affect me'.

We aren't who we are because of what we do! Just because you talk like a christian and walk like a christian doesn't mean you're walking by faith.  Be Real.  Get honest with yourself and get naked with me.

I am,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving On...

While listening to this song about moving on from a failed relationship, think about how the world system has let you down. Think about how all the efforts you have made to make a name for yourself have come up still needing more effort. There is a way to let go of the past and to move on to 'what is next' in your life. Say good-bye to the past and hello to something even greater. God really does love you and He has a plan and purpose for you. Try not to think about His plan and purpose in terms of normal definitions. Just let your mind go and trust Him. Trust Him while you're listening to this song. Trust Him later on today. Trust Him next week when things are going good or bad. He'll take it from there.

I Am,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Pray and Know the Answers

Can a believer really pray, knowing the answers to every prayer he or she might pray? The answer to this question is so obvious that most Christians usually look right past the answer.

Several years ago the Lord gave me a series to share with a local group on the topic, How to Pray and Know the Answers, Every Time. The series broke down into a series of four messages and are as much a part of me as He Himself. I am grateful to the Lord for His revelation in this area but I must admit it is totally Him.

How do I pray?

Who can Commune with God?

Who can have Relationship?

Can I actually Abide?

Should I lose my mind?
You must if you expect to be in agreement with “being in Him”.

Can I Know His will? Once I understand what prayer is and that I can commune with God, once I have a personal relationship, am abiding in Christ, once I have lost my mind- then I can know His good and acceptable will- not before.

Now I can Pray according to His will!
I am asked often, “How do you do the things you do?” “How do you walk so closely to the Lord, it seems so effortless for you?” I love to have those questions asked and I love to enter into these types of discussions.

The more we acknowledge our new identity as being in Him, we'll have personal understanding on how to pray, and we'll understand how it's possible to pray without ceasing. God is addressing our identity crisis. I am not speaking about what we identify 'with'; but rather, 'who are we', better yet, 'who am I'. The answer to this question is/was resolved at the cross. There is a death to the old man that God is allowing in your life. This death isn't anything to be afraid... it's actually overseen by God, and part of your ordained steps. It's actually the path to say with Paul, "death, where is your sting now?", and also the cornerstone that we're most likely to reject.

Wherever you are in life, there is a 'now moment'. Trust Him in your 'now moment', the one you are experiencing right now. The present moment for 'you', might be that your performance is worldly 'good', or worldly 'bad'. Either condition is unacceptable to God. The only way we can truly know God is get past the idea that we don't belong with Him. We do belong with Him, because He paid the price. It's not by merit that we have right to boldly enter into Him, it's by faith.

As far as I can see, the whole duty of a believer is to believe God. Everything else is on His shoulders. A lot of times people seem to think that the gift of faith is being able to walk in His revelation. While it is true that the gift of faith does manifest many times in our lives, it is not true that it's the gift of faith that allows us to abide in Him. What I am saying may seem to split hairs from where you are sitting so let me reword it. It's because of the reckless abandoning of your own life that Christ can be seen. Some may say that this is taking being saved by grace out of the picture. All I am saying is that I agree with God, “I am saved, righteous, cleansed, one with Him”. Out of the acceptance of salvation comes manifestation. Out of my 'new' mind, I think with 'His' mind. Out of 'His' love, 'I' love. He is present and loves me regardless of what action I take (good or bad); however, it’s only when my mind agrees with Him that my choices aren’t based in “what I see”.

How tragic is it for us to teach and preach that Jesus alone is the way and yet our lives teach and preach something else. There's no need to wear a mask. When you get down to it, it doesn't matter how you choose to live... He loves you just like you are. Want a quick and easy answer to the question? Is there a way to know the answers to every prayer I might pray? Yes, but you'll have to lose your mind to know it.

I am,

Total Surrender 'Contract'

Dear Lord, I surrender to You:
My will, mind and emotions, my body, my future plans, hopes and dreams. I give You my home, my marriage, my mate, my children, my geographical location, my recreation and entertainment, and my career. I surrender to You my past successes and my past failures, my habits, my finances, my problems, my time, my integrity and character, my attitudes, my business conduct & relationships, my Christian walk and my response to authority.

Lord, I further surrender to You the following “rights”:

  • My right to possessions,

  • My right to a good reputation,

  • My right to have acceptance,

  • My right to have pleasant circumstances,

  • My right to presume on the will of God,

  • My right to life itself,
  • My right to beauty or strength,

  • My right to have friendships,

  • My right to be heard,

  • My right to take up offense,

  • My right to avoid reaping from what I sow,

  • My right to be right,

  • My right to see results,

  • My right to ___________________________

  • My right to ___________________________

  • My right to ___________________________

  • My right to ___________________________
Dear Lord, I give You permission to do anything You wish to me, with me, in me or through me. I claimed the above items once as mine. Now they belong to You and are under Your control. You can do anything You please with them. I willingly make this commitment in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I recognize that this is an agreement with You that can never be broken. Now that I have surrendered ownership of my life to You, You will never give it back to me.In Your name, Amen

Signature _________________________ Date _______

A friend and brother gave me the above "Contract", probably ten years ago, while we were ministering somewhere. Hope you are blessed with it.

What we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. But if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.

I am,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's About the Economy

What happens when we experience the kind of peace our human brains can't comprehend and how do we experience it again and again? What happens is far too simple for the human mind to label as credible. We want a complicated answer so that we can 'take pride' in 'knowing' and we reduce God into our image and call ourselves 'right'.

The truth is, when we experience peace that surpasses all our worldly understanding, we found a portal into true eternal Life and God's thinking (the mind of Christ). We, ourselves gave up trying or at least we were between tries, showing or finding our true self. If we find ourselves chasing after worldly dreams that are attractive, by all means, chase after them. If we believe that man's ways aren't good enough, then stop chasing man's ways. Either way, God accepts you and you are loved so be true to your revelation. This isn't a test in school where there are right and wrong answers... you were created by God and for God, just like you are...

I read an interesting article yesterday about local churches and how we need to show acceptance, offering true friendship to people visiting. It was very thought provoking and stirred up some of these thoughts you are reading. The article spoke about how persons visiting churches are looking for a friend and new experiences, most likely to get out of the daily routine they've found themselves.

From what I can tell, the people in the article are looking for God's unconditional love. We all need His unconditional love. Why do people go to bars or similar places? To belong. It's sad that we get so caught up in our own little 'r' reality that we miss opportunities to engage God when we miss new relationships and encounters. Since God is love and we need God, then we all need love. Maybe we don't think He is approachable. Maybe we think God is for someone else. Maybe, maybe, maybe... We all need the Real Love of God.

There are really only two choices to process and do things:

On the one hand, there is the world's economy: The world's economy looks like a 'to do' list, with every action leading to the next action, and then reaching a goal. It connects past behavior with future behavior, to produce a positive or negative outcome. When man is born, we immediately draw conclusions celebrating our own independence. Best described as (i.e. provision, love, health, you in the blank) 'by me', and is 'sin nature' in every man.

On a higher plain, there is God's economy: God's economy doesn't actually work, but it does function. God gives freely everything He has, including His identity. In fact, He gives it in exchange for our sin. God's economy is always found by living in the moment, not considering how events are connected and how other people perceive them. It requires no explanation; it just is. Best described as (i.e. provision, love, health, fill in the blank) 'through me', and is manifestation of our true identity.

You decide what economy is right for you.

I am,

Additional reading: Exodus 34:12; Matthew 6:24

What's the big 'ta-do' About Money?

What's the big 'ta-do' about money? If we have some, we think it's the source of our needs being met. If we don't have 'what we think is enough', we spend our time trying to get more, in order to get our needs met. Do we not know how to simply rest any longer?

The entire word of God is one example after another of simply trusting God and that He is trustworthy. Our brains cannot accept that we have no part in our daily needs being provided. We find it difficult to live in the 'now', yet we experience glimpses of living in the now, where peace is our only guide and whatever work is done is being done 'through us', rather than 'by us.'

There is nothing wrong with giving up on something when there is nothing you find in it desirable. In fact, we should 'lay down' things that aren't of benefit to us. There-in lies the illumination of our problem in our human situation. Money is not the answer. God is the answer.

The contradiction and challenge to living in the world is that our natural mind isn't 'on board' with our source being God and being so fully accepted in Him. We aren't comfortable with our new identity and feel we must produce sweat to feel good about being part of the answer. Man's way of doing things is all wrong. Money is not the answer. Man is not the solution, man is the problem. God is the answer and He is always found now, no matter where you are.

We either have a little money or we don't, but I am still asking, "What's the big 'ta-do' about money?" If we believe in God's economy, everything will be right on time or you will eventually change course, either of which are fine with God. Is it really well with your soul or are you just moving your lips? You can't counterfeit trusting in God but you can change course, any time.

I am,

Additional reading: Exodus 34:12; Matthew 6:24

Monday, July 27, 2009

Really Only One Way to Commit Suicide

We had a beautiful meeting this morning and wanted to share what is happening in me...

At least the past few years, it seems as though I have been removing things from my life that were distractions. Things that would interfere with my relationship with Christ were dealt with one at a time by identifying and discarding, sometimes painfully open and sometimes quietly alone. This may seem like the right thing to do on the surface but there is a way that seems right to the flesh but it is not the way of the Lord. I'd like to share a little testimony about the past few years and if it means something to you, that's great. If it doesn't, then that's okay too.

I feel I should warn you that what you may read isn't a definitive statement of fact, but rather an open confession of my thoughts and relationship with Life.

I have this revelation that the local organization, traditionally called the local church, is not necessary for redemption. I so love the local church (people) that it's easy to see the distinction between the organization and God's people. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the local organization is, many times, a great hindrance to believers. Rules and pressure placed on the individual person make it a place where grace is seldom found. Tue love takes a second place to our location, do we have enough parking spaces and how we are gonna pay for all 'this'. True grace is always accepting. Organizations are groups of people with flaws and problems that sometimes make good decisions and sometimes really 'screw' things up.

If you'll think back just a few sentences, I made a statement that I have a revelation about... (we'll you read it). That isn't exactly true. The revelation I have isn't about anything external. The revelation I have is that Christ loves and accepts me, not based on anything I have or have not done, but based on His very nature. The revelation is that the 'temporary' me isn't what counts. It's the permanent me, the eternal me that He is separating(ed) like bone and marrow, thoughts and intentions. The true me is life itself and cannot be separated from Him. The true me isn't based in worldly dimensions or understanding. The true me is eternal and without beginning or end, at least as my natural mind can understand. It was a trick that I believed for far too long that said, “what I did mattered”. It is the human condition that wants to be validated and praised. God's revelation to me was that there was nothing my flesh had to offer that was of value, yet He died to take it ALL, and give me that new identity based in Light.

Well, armed with this new insight into Light, my 'temporary' me just loves getting involved in the mix and distorting God's simple grace and truth. God's simple grace is that He is an accepting God and loves all people (yep, even Hitler, Billy Graham, Ted Bundy, Obama, Bush, or anyone else you can name). Standing against the Light of Lights, everything comes up short. The local organization is not anything all that special except it is a really good place to fellowship and possible learn and hear about (from) God. You could say the same thing about a grocery store or maybe even the neighborhood bar too. There is nothing that measures up to His grace, and that is why we (I) need it so very much. I should not remove myself from a situation because light exposes darkness. Light was meant to expose what was hidden.

One more time, I'd like to take a shot at stating clearly what the problem is with my earlier interpretation of my revelation. We were talking about suicide this morning and why that is wrong. Persons committing suicide simply aren't dealing with their 'now'. They aren't dealing with the present reality around them in a 'head-on' way. They are dealing with it by 'cutting' 'it' out of their lives, but they haven't really dealt with what's happening. The same is true with my revelation (or false revelation). I actually believed that because the local organization had no redeeming value that I should trim it from my life; I felt I should remove the distraction so that what was left would be holy. Actually, what I was doing was committing a different kind of suicide, but suicide just the same.

There is no action you or I can take to make us more acceptable to God. Isolation didn't work for me, and was the source of much restlessness the past few years. God didn't intend on trying to fix everything that is wrong in the world around us. The light in me was meant to be light to illuminate what is hidden, and then leave it alone. If we isolate ourselves from everything that doesn't measure up, there isn't anything left. Nothing this world can produce is even in the same realm as this God (Light) we know as our salvation.

I guess to sum it up, I am learning to trust Him more fully. I am, right now, by faith, allowing His light to illuminate in and through me, what is hidden. There is really only one way to commit suicide and that is not to live in the 'now'. Don't jump to the conclusion that because you see something, you should 'fix' it. You may be seeing it because measured against the wonderful Grace that is offered in Him, nothing compares. Lighten up and enjoy life!

I am, David

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it possible to 'Take Advantage of God'

Take advantage of God. Sounds a little shocking to just say it like that, but God wants you to take advantage of Him, His goodness and His Grace. He wants to show you great and marvelous things you have never seen, and He can't do that while you remain in the old mindset you were first born. Should I take advantage of God? Yes! Let me explain...

The term, take advantage is traditionally substitutable for rude behavior and not appropriate. Well, that may well be the case for common courtesy but God isn't interested in following rules He didn't establish. God has established one basic rule (or guideline) and it is that God gave Himself as a free gift because our very best wouldn't be good enough. If we don't take advantage of His free gift, we will continue trying to be good enough.

Many ministries were born with purity of mind and heart, only to quickly begin to follow the patterns of behavior. Behavior isn't what God came to change... He came to change your mind... When your mind is changed, the behavior will supernaturally follow.

God is love and in Him there is no effort. He rules all and has His way in everything, all the time. To take advantage of God is to 'get in' with Him, through His sovereign, irrevocable invitation. God's identity then becomes your identity. You become one with God and nothing can separate you from His love.

It seems as though most our prayer requests are requests to bring God into our dimension, which He gladly comes. But, it is God's desire for you to come into His dimension. Is God interested in our lives? Sure He is, but He is more interested in our Life and revealing our identity, which has little to do with our outward appearance or decisions.

Should or can I take advantage of God? One might say that it is 'human nature' to try to please God through 'being good' and trying to do the right thing, but the problem is that 'human nature' cannot please God. God wants to reveal to you, a heavenly nature, to live 'above' human nature. To even think you shouldn't take advantage of God's grace and love is to think that we owe God something and reject the whole idea of grace. There is nothing God needs to make Him whole. There is nothing God is in lack of to make Him complete. If I don't take advantage of Him, my life will be meaningless and without any eternal purpose. God's ultimate purpose for you and me is that He reveal our true identity to us, which is eternal.

Just like on the television infomercials, you can to take advantage of God right now by simply not relying on human nature and trusting Him.

I am, David

Monday, July 13, 2009

Was does God's Face Look Like?

I received a call from a friend the other day. He asked me, "In your opinion, what does God's face look like?". I wasn't able to talk right then so I asked him to call back in just a few minutes. He never called back so I did think a little on his question and it made fresh again the Realness of His love for me. Well, here is my answer... God doesn't have a face... at least in the terms we normally think about it. God is spirit and not in the natural... It is people who insist on reducing God into a 'time-based' existence, which He willingly goes along with for a while, but that doesn't change the essence of who He is. Now, there are really two ways 'face' could be defined, at least the way I'm thinking about this right now... The first is in the literal sense (a natural face that we can see and touch) and the second is in the figurative sense (a portal, if you will, into knowing Him)...

The religious answer that is 'pat' for believers is that "Jesus is His face"... I don't disagree with that but I think I want to discover more about how that applies to my existence 'In Him'. I also don't disagree with the answer that He is in every human, that His face is in every person... Actually, that argument could be made and again, I don't disagree with that answer either.

Human beings have this thing about having to know and define everything we come across. We have this compulsive disorder to be able to control everything. We think about 'light' and because we don't understand it, that we won't embrace it. Actually, because darkness doesn't understand the light is to actually 'prove' His existence (John 1). The fact that darkness doesn't embrace 'The Light' is merely a condition of our natural man, which won't (can't) embrace anything it can't define.

Man needs to 'know'. Man needs to control and have in neat stacks, to keep account of everything and everyone. Society has conditioned our thinking to the point that we don't understand the language of God... His language is the one language that is undefinable... His language is the language of love, the unknown tongue. Even with this agreement, we have a tendency to define 'the language of love' and create mental pictures of how this applies to our lives, both now and in the future... How about we just trust Him and know that if we are walking in 'The Light' we will speak and know His language. What's all this got to do with 'His face', you might ask... Well, I'm getting there fast.

God made a way for me (insert your name) to have an earth suit, yet still be a spiritual creation with an identity formed in Him. There is an eternal God which isn't seated somewhere in harsh judgment of all our 'actions', but rather embracing each of us as His own, based on His 'action'... He isn't looking at the outside, but He is looking at the true 'me'. It seems as though God went to a great deal of trouble to show His love for me. He has given me an identity not based in worldly circumstance but built in a name that is above every name. Any item, thing, creation, person or whatever that is a portal to the revealed truth of Him and His love for you is His face.

There isn't an answer like our human condition cries. God didn't come to fit into your world, He came to bring me into His. Darkness needs to control; but light just proclaims and shines. You are created in His image with the blueprint of our Father as the core of your being. In fact, you and He are one, and there isn't anything you can do to separate you from His love, which is Him. Do you need to know what His face looks like?... Recognize the love of God anywhere and everywhere and you are seeing His face (portal). Does He have a literal face?, you decide but I think He is bigger than that.

I am, David

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