Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Real or Imitation- How do you want to spend your life? Part One

What do you see to your left? Do you see a duck? or, do you see a 'rubber' duck, that looks 'like' a duck? Obviously, the image to the left is a cheap imitation of the real thing. Walking like a duck, talking like a duck, looking like a duck or any other attribute will never make it a duck. Likewise, walking like a chicken, clucking like a chicken, or looking like a chicken won't make you a chicken.  Wherever you are in life, be there.  Give your entire self to the moment and enjoy it. 

Since we're talking about ducks, what is the most important thing a duck needs to know? There are tons of things you might answer. Possible answers that a duck might need to know are: 
  • how to find food, water
  • how to communicate
  • where to find shelter
  • how to find his or her mate to reproduce
  • where to find safety
  • acceptance to his group
  • part of the social network
All those answers are really good and you could probably come up with dozens more, but all those answers are circumstantial and none are more important than one thing. The most important thing a duck needs to know is that he is a duck. He must know who he is. He must know his identity. The same is true with you. If you want to be free, you must know who you are. When we're free, our decisions are based in a place at our core, rather than considering what each decision 'looks like' or how 'this will affect me'.

We aren't who we are because of what we do! Just because you talk like a christian and walk like a christian doesn't mean you're walking by faith.  Be Real.  Get honest with yourself and get naked with me.

I am,

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