Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special 9/11 Report: (I am a citizen of ______.)

I am a citizen of _______.

Do you know what the definition of citizen? Merriam-Webster defines citizen as: (1) : an inhabitant of a city or town; especially: one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman.

I've been really thinking about dual citizenship and if it's possible to really have dual citizenship. We know that it is possible to have citizenship in two countries, states, or similar situations but I'm really thinking about my citizenship in heaven and my citizenship in (a) the human race, (b) country (The United States of America), (c) state (Alabama), (d) family (husband, father), and i.e. It seems as though believers in God (really, no matter who your god is) should hold first allegiance to Him.

Remember back on 9/11? I'm sure we all hold many memories of the twin towers coming down, along with fears, thoughts and revelations of that infamous day. One revelation I had was that we Christians weren't committed quite to the depths of the terrorists in those attacks. While I abhor the actions of the terrorist and celebrate the heroes that ran toward places everyone else were exiting, it seems that the terrorists did exactly as they had purposed in their hearts. At the same time, it seems Christians spend much of our time judging each other rather than simply loving people right where they are.

What have we purposed in our hearts? Wasn't it to trust God? Wasn't it to accept the free gift of Jesus, our redeemer, who put upon Him, not only my Sin but the Sin of the world. It seems that if my hope were fully grounded in Him, so many things happening in today's world wouldn't get us so anxious and upset (or at least maybe we would have the courage to recognize when we are anxious, and allow God to reveal to us our area of lack of faith).

There is so much talk about health care lately... so much that there is pressure to pick a side. Similar problems have risen over the years, although not to this heightened state of frenzy. Let me mention a couple of 'hot-topics' and see if you have a strong opinion on what is right for this country or local area you may be. How about prayer in school? What are your thoughts? What about allowing same-sex marriage? Any thoughts? Be honest... How about taking 'In God we Trust' off our money? Does that matter to you?

My point is simple. Trust God. There are debates around every corner and to think God is on one side or the other is to lose focus on what God is doing. What is God doing? I guess you should ask Him that if you don't have a good relationship with Him. One thing I know will happen is that this country and world is not surviving as we know it. Problems of this world are going to get worse instead of better. Tragic things will happen and opportunities to get sucked into an emotional roller-coaster are around every corner. God is taking down things that exalt itself before Him. He is raising Himself in the Earth (His Body) and He isn't in a system or a 'box'. There isn't such a scenario of every knee not bowing... No, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. Did you think we would all just go out in a field somewhere and pick flowers for such a movement of God to manifest? Of course you didn't. We all know that out of adversity breeds strength and truth.

If our citizenship is in the world we'll respond with worldly tactics. Of course, I am not encouraging or discouraging anyone from taking a position or joining any group or organization. I think you should do what is in your heart (just be sensitive and allow your heart to change). I am merely pointing out that God isn't taking sides except the one side He already took. The side He took was way back before the world was formed. He chose you. He chose to put into place a world with an Adam and an Eve, knowing they would fail to trust Him. Knowing this, He had Himself to offer in exchange, keeping all who come short a way to be one with Him. He chose a side all right, and that side is not a petty political race, or an issue that divides. His grace is sufficient and His love conquers all the fear you will ever encounter. Love is the answer. If we have to pick a side in a debate, just remember that God loves us all and the system in which we keep trying to save is probably one that God is taking down. He has prepared many believers to manifest love as more and more trials happen. The very trials themselves produce fiery baptisms, revealing Truth in all of us.

Where is my citizenship and is it possible to have dual citizenship? I guess it's possible but being double minded probably isn't what God had in mind when He simply asked you to believe.


Additional Study:  Joshua 5:13-14 Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, "Are you for us or for our enemies?" "Neither," he replied, "but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come."

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