Monday, February 22, 2010

My Life’s Purpose

The message God is speaking with my life is to trust God with your whole  heart.  Studying and living this theme the past 20 years or so, God has revealed much hidden in my own heart, usually by revelation of my own ‘lack of faith’.

jordanWe all intellectually know we are to live in this world but not of it, yet for reasons I’ll explain a little later, I challenge this occasionally, by thinking as I did prior to trusting God.  Being in ‘ministry’,  I am not immune from falling prey to my old man, even though he’s reckoned dead and crucified with Christ, just as all believers. 

My life’s calling and purpose is primarily demonstrating the contrasting difference between walking by faith and walking by sight; and the simple transition on how to enter His rest.  Walking by faith is trusting God.  Walking by sight is taking into account things of this world and trusting the information gathered, good or bad.

Everybody wants a ‘ministry’, and yet it never dawns on us this was the original sin with Adam and Eve starting the first ministry. Don't overcomplicate life. God is Love, pure and simple.  Man’s idea of ‘ministry’ and God’s idea of ‘ministry’ are very different.  God’s idea of ‘ministry’ is: His constant love flowing through varying methods.  Man’s typical idea of ‘ministry’ is: Methods used to accomplish a goal.  There are two parts to any ministry; constants and variables.  Variables (i.e. where to work, who to marry, where to live, what to say, how to say it) change from time to time and then there’s constants (i.e. God’s Love is unfailing, Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus was crucified taking on the sin of the world and giving His righteousness to His Body), which remain unchanging.  To our ‘natural’ minds, it’s natural to take God’s variables and make them our constants, mainly so we’ll know what to expect and remain in control.

JMPruneBack to Adam and Eve… God created Adam from the dust and breathed into him life.  Then, God planted a garden in the east of Eden.  The Lord made many trees pleasing to the eye and good for food.  In the middle of the garden were the Tree of Life and the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The Lord commanded Adam, you are free to eat from any tree in the garden but you must not eat from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The tree of Life is rooted in Unconditional Love and represents motivation where we are like children, without guile.  God never explained why they should not eat from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  He only said, if you do, you will surely die.  The second tree is rooted, or finds our motivation in having our eyes opened to be like God, knowing good and evil.  This sounds innocent enough but God didn’t intend on us walking with our eyes opened to sin.  

The sin consciences we feel at times is our old nature which was born out of the original sin, wanting to control our own destiny.  Wanting to control situations is directly from the fall of man and unacceptable to God.  It’s in all human flesh and for the believer, it was crucified with Christ at cavalry.  Even though the flesh man has a will based in knowledge of good and evil, the path God has for His children is to walk by faith in the Son of God, which means to deny the fleshly desires and walk according to the Spirit.
This is the part that simply blows my mind.  There’s perfect freedom in Christ and it’s perfectly okay for you to embrace your present reality.  You see, the sin nature (flesh) is not in God’s radar.  He’s not trying to fix your behavior.  He’s not trying to keep you from thinking certain thoughts and performing certain actions.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a free gift of salvation that He bore your Sin condition on Himself, leaving you without spot or blemish. 

Well, if that don’t get your fire going… your wood’s wet (so to speak)… But there’s more.  God actually decided that to seal this deal He needed to give you His Spirit.  Now, we traditionally think of having His Spirit as moving in with our Sprit, but from what I am seeing, the good news keeps getting better.  In 1 Corinthians 6:17 Paul writes that the one who is joined to the Lord is ONE Spirit with Him.  That is saying that your spirit and His Spirit are not separate Spirits.  Your true identity is actually God’s Spirit.  Over and over, Jesus teaches that He would never leave us or never forsake us.  In Romans we find that nothing could separate us from God.  You can’t be separated from Him because you and He are ONE. 

I am only just beginning to see that His Love is not complicated, yet His depths are unfathomable. Intellectual minds have difficulty grasping the simplicity of walking by faith, never understanding it's not about following or not following rules. It's simply about being a New Creation.

One with the Father,
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