Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Can I Relate to God? What's His Nature?

How can I relate to God? What's His Nature?  God is like air, free for anyone to breathe... Man's created religions are nothing more than attempts to explain an unexplainable God; these are attempts the creation is making to recreate God in our own image rather than embracing the simple truth we were created in His image. We weren't just created in His image. We were also created in His likeness. We have the same depth as our creator within us, as our true identity.  Deep within what we traditionally think is ourself, beyond our thoughts and emotions, exists our true self, Life.

Man's worldly illusion of truth complicates the simplicity of God, creating 'clicks'. These 'clicks', sometime called denominations or religions are simply creations we have crafted, in order to gain control of an uncontrollable God. We 'bottle' Air, and try to sell it, calling it pure. God has made Himself freely available for all to breath (trust). Man's religion divides God into false, worldly explainable stories.

We don't need special instructions on how to breath air, do we? Every time we try to give special instructions on how to teach someone else to breathe (handle life or relate to God), all we are doing is reinforcing the great divide religion offers.

God is Love. Only love conquers all. If my people (you) will humble themselves (yourself) and accept Me in Truth and Spirit, then I will change their (your) mind and their (your) circumstances. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I Am, David
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