Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little understanding please…

When things go ‘right’ we give thanks to God and are all happy and stuff.  Why weren’t you happy when things were going differently than you had hoped?  This deserves prayerful consideration.

Most of us are thankful when things go ‘right’.  Few are actually happy in all situations.  I mean, genuinely happy in all things.  Pretending doesn’t count.  Having a mental disorder doesn’t count either.

The only thing that counts is finding your identity in Christ alone, and this comes from being honest, open and willing.  Out of this simple revelation, everything you ever need will flow; EVERYTHING.  

My question is:  Why is it such a stretch for us to embrace a new plan, outside the plan we had secured our identity?  When you didn’t get the promotion, parking spot, or job- why is it that we are slow to understand one of the most simple truths about God and our relationship with Him?  How about bigger things?  What about when your political ideology isn’t winning, or your child is killed in an accident, or when you lose another loved one or friend; or worse still, if you receive a bad report from the doctor.  

blueprint The answer is simple- far too simple for most of our educated minds to comprehend so I’m not going to attempt explaining it:  I’m simply going to state it, and you can do with it whatever you wish.  Do you remember the scripture in Jeremiah, the one about God’s ‘plans for us’ (‘thoughts toward us’ in KJV) ?  We all know it by heart.  It’s Jeremiah 29:11, and the NIV reads, “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  In this passage, nowhere does it say that ‘I’ know the plans ‘He’ has for ‘me’.  It says that ‘He’ has a plan for ‘me’.  God isn’t secretive and will tell you His plan, but you’ve got to be willing to hear the answer; and it probably won’t make any worldly sense.  God deeply desires to take you from glory to glory.  This process means you will be let down, and disappointed at times.  If glory is being given to God, recognize that God is having an intervention- and you are the target of His affections.  Open your heart to what God is saying.

Abraham, the father of our faith, considered God’s instructions, and was obedient; offering up his child, the only means of fulfilling God’s promise.  He was obedient to a proceeding word from God.  Faith without works is dead.  If your eyes of understanding are opened, you will hear what the Spirit is saying.

It’s by the word of your testimony and the blood of the lamb that you overcome.  What you are going through is part of your own unique testimony and IS very important.  Everything about what you are going through is important.  How you got to this place (emotionally and physically), what you feel about it, what your hopes and dreams are (and were), and your present reality ‘now’; all are important (but they are not permanent).  Trusting God means your perception will change into His perception.  The revelation you receive, Truth, is permanent.  God is actively arranging and making changes in your life to bring you into a place you are already in, Him.  Embrace the flow of life.  This doesn’t set aside the grace of God- for if your testimony is all there is, Christ died in vain. 

I Am,
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