Friday, September 4, 2009

What is Restoration House Ministries all about?

Restoration House Ministries could just as easily be called “Luke 5:11 Ministries”. We have surrendered our lives teaching the things revealed to us in this passage and others. Luke 5:1-11 tells the story of the calling of the first disciples. One day while at the Sea of Galilee Jesus sees two boats, one belonging to Simon. He gets in and asks him to put out from shore a little. From inside Simon’s boat, He taught the people.

When He had finished speaking, He told Simon to put out into the deep water and let down the nets for a catch. He tells Jesus they had fished all night long, working hard and they hadn’t caught a thing. But Simon continued, saying to Jesus that because He said so, he would let down his nets.  When Simon let down his nets, as Jesus had said to do, the catch was so tremendous that his nets began to break and his boat began to sink. He called for the other boat and while helping, there were so many fish their nets began to break and it almost sank as well.

This is where most Christians “go into the ministry”. We stick our finger in our Bibles and begin to minister. The first word from God can tragically be the last until God allows our old nature to run its course (broken), thereby revealing a new realm of possibilities.

These men had just caught the greatest catch of their lives as professional fishermen but they do something really strange at this point. Jesus tells Simon not to be afraid and that from now on he would catch men. In response they pulled their boats on shore and left everything to follow Him. Have you ever thought about what they left behind? They left their huge catch of fish, probably their largest ever.  Nowadays, we would probably be calling Guinness Book of World Records. They left their livelihood as fishermen and to seal the deal, they left their boats and all their equipment. They even left their fathers to follow Him.

Restoration House Ministries is dedicated to taking you to that place, as we continually go there ourselves.  There is a place in Christ that is perfectly still and at rest, even in a storm.

To many times to count, we've had people in our office or telephone calls, and we've asked a simple question, "What's it gonna take to get your life on track?".  So few answer they had tried everything and didn't know what to do next.  So few answer they were at the end and were hopeless for ever finding an answer.  So very few are willing to walk the narrow road less traveled.  You see, it's impossible to trust God fully without losing all hope in worldly means.  God's plan for your life leads you to trusting Him so fully that you absolutely turn your back on the ways of the world.  It's still true today that the Chief Cornerstone is rejected by those that haven't lost hope in the world.  It's only when we don't find our identity in the world, that we can move freely in it.

We aren't building an organization or a group with an idea of having an impact on anything or anyone.  We aren't trying to get church members to leave the place they are called.  All we are about is simply trusting God and having a very personal relationship with our God.  Many 'works' flow out of that intimacy, but our heart is to be so transparent that our old agenda is lost and replaced with His heart.

We believe that eternity isn't waiting to start but it is in a different dimension, one that time, and things in time, operate.  Eternity is much like a room filled with smoke and inside the room is a thin, short thread, floating in the air.  The thread represents time and everything else is eternity.  We are an association of believers and ministries.  We are all about the maturing of the saints so we can all grow and know our perfection in God.  In short, we are about revealling our new identity in Christ, restoring God's house.

Our door is open for you and we would love to share some time with you. You won't be asked to join anything- in fact, there is no membership to join.

I AM, David

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