Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's it gonna take to get your life on track?

As long as our thinking remains an intellectual pursuit, we will walk in darkness, behind the cloud. So... you've decided you don't want to walk in darkness any longer? It's really irrelevant what you have decided because God decided nothing would separate you from His love. Too many times to count, we've offered counsel to individuals and families seeking help. Eventually, we'll ask one simple question, "What's it gonna take to get your life on track?"

Very few answer they didn't know what to do. Most think they know what is lacking to get on track. Some people have answered they need a job, money, time, education, food, shelter, support system, family, and many other things. While any of those things would probably make them more comfortable, they would not create freedom. I suppose it never dawns on us that our best effort's got us in our mess. When absolute brokenness happens, a loss of hope in our own abilities can be replaced by faith in God. This new found faith stems from a source, not grounded in the world, but in our true identity, which is eternal.

While it is very simple, it's not easy experiencing freedom. Experiencing freedom is the most difficult thing you will ever attempt. In fact, the only way you can experience it is to give up trying. Isn't that a kicker! There are no shortcuts. John 10 describes a pathway or door that we must go through, and attempting to enter using other means, make us thieves and robbers. The pathway to freedom is the cross. There are no shortcuts and our old way of thinking has to be rejected. It's a very real thing to be crucified with Christ.

Study the photo in this post. Imagine what real experiences those people went through. There are no shortcuts and the cross isn't a metaphor. There is no way around the pain of letting go of a system that we love so much, but there is something far greater set before you.

Eternity isn't waiting to start when time is finished. Eternity is in a different dimension, one that will never be seen until we let go of the things of this world. When we let go of the things of this world, strangely, we are free to enjoy all things more fully. It's only when we don't find our identity in the world, that we can move freely in it.

What's it gonna take to get your life on track? It may be a surprise to you but your life is not off-track. If you aren't presently walking in the Light, you are right on track for a head on collision with the cross. The pain from all your hopes going down the drain will leave you with nothing left but to trust God and allow Him to be your life.


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