Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's the big 'ta-do' About Money?

What's the big 'ta-do' about money? If we have some, we think it's the source of our needs being met. If we don't have 'what we think is enough', we spend our time trying to get more, in order to get our needs met. Do we not know how to simply rest any longer?

The entire word of God is one example after another of simply trusting God and that He is trustworthy. Our brains cannot accept that we have no part in our daily needs being provided. We find it difficult to live in the 'now', yet we experience glimpses of living in the now, where peace is our only guide and whatever work is done is being done 'through us', rather than 'by us.'

There is nothing wrong with giving up on something when there is nothing you find in it desirable. In fact, we should 'lay down' things that aren't of benefit to us. There-in lies the illumination of our problem in our human situation. Money is not the answer. God is the answer.

The contradiction and challenge to living in the world is that our natural mind isn't 'on board' with our source being God and being so fully accepted in Him. We aren't comfortable with our new identity and feel we must produce sweat to feel good about being part of the answer. Man's way of doing things is all wrong. Money is not the answer. Man is not the solution, man is the problem. God is the answer and He is always found now, no matter where you are.

We either have a little money or we don't, but I am still asking, "What's the big 'ta-do' about money?" If we believe in God's economy, everything will be right on time or you will eventually change course, either of which are fine with God. Is it really well with your soul or are you just moving your lips? You can't counterfeit trusting in God but you can change course, any time.

I am,

Additional reading: Exodus 34:12; Matthew 6:24

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