Monday, October 5, 2009

What is Permissible? Where is the Line?

What is permissible? Where is the line? I guess it depends upon where you are operating and who you ask but I think the right question is really, "Is there a line?".

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic around here. We've had multiple remodeling projects and a self-imposed deadline we've kept ourselves in submission. So much work and very little rest is taking a few days for my body to recover. At least my hope is that my body recovers in a few days. Being so tired, the Lord has been encouraging me with helping me understand grace and how it pertains to the law.

First, let's ask ourselves one crucial question: Did Jesus fulfill the law and how did He do it? Jesus did fulfill the law and He did it by grace, not performance. I am sure Jesus performance was fine too, but it wasn't His performance that fulfills the law. It's grace that fulfills the law. There is no longer a need for law when there is grace. This question, “How is the law fulfilled”, is at the pendulum of understanding grace in our own lives. It's also crucial if we ever intend on being free from society's legalistic pressure to perform in certain ways. So many times, the Bible references instances where Jesus was asked to confirm or deny the law was applicable to a given situation. Every time, He seemed to ignore the law. What was He doing? He was manifesting and living in a higher law, grace. 

I invite you to live in the land of the living with me. Embrace true love from God, for God, yourself, and everyone you meet. Truly embrace each person and allow yourself to really connect with them. Release them from the bondage of rules you unintentionally cage their identity by controlling their actions and thoughts. Allow them to be themselves so they may also walk in the light. Walking in the light isn't walking in your set of standards. Walking in the light is embracing your present reality of truth. Try not to throw stones at performances you don't think are measuring up, but rather, look within yourself to find the source of a legalistic mindset that needs to be set free.

I AM, David
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