Monday, July 13, 2009

Was does God's Face Look Like?

I received a call from a friend the other day. He asked me, "In your opinion, what does God's face look like?". I wasn't able to talk right then so I asked him to call back in just a few minutes. He never called back so I did think a little on his question and it made fresh again the Realness of His love for me. Well, here is my answer... God doesn't have a face... at least in the terms we normally think about it. God is spirit and not in the natural... It is people who insist on reducing God into a 'time-based' existence, which He willingly goes along with for a while, but that doesn't change the essence of who He is. Now, there are really two ways 'face' could be defined, at least the way I'm thinking about this right now... The first is in the literal sense (a natural face that we can see and touch) and the second is in the figurative sense (a portal, if you will, into knowing Him)...

The religious answer that is 'pat' for believers is that "Jesus is His face"... I don't disagree with that but I think I want to discover more about how that applies to my existence 'In Him'. I also don't disagree with the answer that He is in every human, that His face is in every person... Actually, that argument could be made and again, I don't disagree with that answer either.

Human beings have this thing about having to know and define everything we come across. We have this compulsive disorder to be able to control everything. We think about 'light' and because we don't understand it, that we won't embrace it. Actually, because darkness doesn't understand the light is to actually 'prove' His existence (John 1). The fact that darkness doesn't embrace 'The Light' is merely a condition of our natural man, which won't (can't) embrace anything it can't define.

Man needs to 'know'. Man needs to control and have in neat stacks, to keep account of everything and everyone. Society has conditioned our thinking to the point that we don't understand the language of God... His language is the one language that is undefinable... His language is the language of love, the unknown tongue. Even with this agreement, we have a tendency to define 'the language of love' and create mental pictures of how this applies to our lives, both now and in the future... How about we just trust Him and know that if we are walking in 'The Light' we will speak and know His language. What's all this got to do with 'His face', you might ask... Well, I'm getting there fast.

God made a way for me (insert your name) to have an earth suit, yet still be a spiritual creation with an identity formed in Him. There is an eternal God which isn't seated somewhere in harsh judgment of all our 'actions', but rather embracing each of us as His own, based on His 'action'... He isn't looking at the outside, but He is looking at the true 'me'. It seems as though God went to a great deal of trouble to show His love for me. He has given me an identity not based in worldly circumstance but built in a name that is above every name. Any item, thing, creation, person or whatever that is a portal to the revealed truth of Him and His love for you is His face.

There isn't an answer like our human condition cries. God didn't come to fit into your world, He came to bring me into His. Darkness needs to control; but light just proclaims and shines. You are created in His image with the blueprint of our Father as the core of your being. In fact, you and He are one, and there isn't anything you can do to separate you from His love, which is Him. Do you need to know what His face looks like?... Recognize the love of God anywhere and everywhere and you are seeing His face (portal). Does He have a literal face?, you decide but I think He is bigger than that.

I am, David

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