Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it possible to 'Take Advantage of God'

Take advantage of God. Sounds a little shocking to just say it like that, but God wants you to take advantage of Him, His goodness and His Grace. He wants to show you great and marvelous things you have never seen, and He can't do that while you remain in the old mindset you were first born. Should I take advantage of God? Yes! Let me explain...

The term, take advantage is traditionally substitutable for rude behavior and not appropriate. Well, that may well be the case for common courtesy but God isn't interested in following rules He didn't establish. God has established one basic rule (or guideline) and it is that God gave Himself as a free gift because our very best wouldn't be good enough. If we don't take advantage of His free gift, we will continue trying to be good enough.

Many ministries were born with purity of mind and heart, only to quickly begin to follow the patterns of behavior. Behavior isn't what God came to change... He came to change your mind... When your mind is changed, the behavior will supernaturally follow.

God is love and in Him there is no effort. He rules all and has His way in everything, all the time. To take advantage of God is to 'get in' with Him, through His sovereign, irrevocable invitation. God's identity then becomes your identity. You become one with God and nothing can separate you from His love.

It seems as though most our prayer requests are requests to bring God into our dimension, which He gladly comes. But, it is God's desire for you to come into His dimension. Is God interested in our lives? Sure He is, but He is more interested in our Life and revealing our identity, which has little to do with our outward appearance or decisions.

Should or can I take advantage of God? One might say that it is 'human nature' to try to please God through 'being good' and trying to do the right thing, but the problem is that 'human nature' cannot please God. God wants to reveal to you, a heavenly nature, to live 'above' human nature. To even think you shouldn't take advantage of God's grace and love is to think that we owe God something and reject the whole idea of grace. There is nothing God needs to make Him whole. There is nothing God is in lack of to make Him complete. If I don't take advantage of Him, my life will be meaningless and without any eternal purpose. God's ultimate purpose for you and me is that He reveal our true identity to us, which is eternal.

Just like on the television infomercials, you can to take advantage of God right now by simply not relying on human nature and trusting Him.

I am, David

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