Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Nature of Being a Believer

Sometimes thoughts occur to us and we know it came so easy that it must have been one of those God moments... You might say that whatever happened happened effortlessly (although you may have broken a sweat). There are other times that we 'try' to have inspiration, revelation, resources, or whatever we may perceive our need, just to find ourselves tired and void of energy.

I hope this short blog will open your heart eyes to the path God has for you, especially as it relates to living a restful life, full of peace. The type life I know we all deeply desire is reachable; but the keys to the door may be in a place you've never looked.

"Where are the keys to peace of mind?" "Where have I forgot to look, or where did I not know to look?" Those are both really good questions. The nature of happiness and peace of mind is the same as the nature of Light. Light doesn't have to do anything to be light... Light doesn't even need a vessel to be light... It is the vessel that restricts light. The same is true with happiness or peace of mind. When we 'try' to find ourselves through life's circumstances and experiences we are further identifying ourselves with a system that is always changing, moves with fads, and dependent on popular opinion. Light, nor happiness finds itself dependent on anything.

Just to use an illustration, imagine if you will, a tug-of-war match, with you as the sole member of one team and something (anything) on the opposing side. Now, imagine you were given the instruction to win, at all costs. What would you do? Think for a moment before you read on... The answer is to let go of the rope. There can never be a winner found in fighting it out through worldly means. Sure, we operate in the world everyday and we enter into transactions with people that let us down sometimes; but, what do we do when they let us down? Do we pull back and prove ourselves right, or let go of the rope?

Letting go of the rope does two things, it frees the opposing person (group, entity) to experience their 'now'; and secondly, it frees you to experience something beyond what you could have won in the tug-of-war match. There's no loser if only one will let go of the rope... Try it, you'll see.

So, back to the original topic, 'The Nature of Being'; the nature of being (a believer, or anything) is to 'be'. Being requires no proof, court and jury, or anyone declaring that you are being. Being isn't dependent on external forces, it just is. Contrastingly, the nature of doing is one that gets there needs based in worldly circumstances, operating using your five senses to get your needs met. While you and I are free to choose whatever path we want, trusting in what we can see will always disappoint us. Don't trust the book by the cover. It's true that in your weakness you will be strong. Hogwash or truth, you decide.

I am, David

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