Friday, February 26, 2010

H.O.W. to be Happy?

how We’re often asked, “How can I make it in Life?”, or “How can I be Happy?”  Most people are caught in a cycle of ‘self-actualization’ blinding them from the possibility of living life another way.  My search for Truth over the past 20 years or so, has uncovered many “Portals” into the unseen.  In this short article I will share how you can be happy.  The simplicity of this article may revolutionize your thinking.

H Be Honest with yourself and God.  God isn’t impressed when you go to the store, buy a T-shirt that says “I Trust God”, if you don’t.  Just be honest.  If you are struggling at a moment in time, own that moment.  Have the attitude of, “I am struggling with this ____________ that is in me”.  The purpose isn’t to take long term ownership of the struggle but to trust God with it.  If we confess our struggles, He is faithful and just to forgive us and purify us.

o Be Open and allow your present reality to be seen.  The real you is the most powerful you.  There are all sorts of roles we play, acting as rusty pipes, when compared to the real you.  The masks we wear, are little more than garments covering The Light within us.  These masks filter our perception of the world, creating a false identity, based in the world.  It’s crucial that your story, is your story, and not your neighbors’.  There is no such thing as an unimportant history, when concerning any person, regardless of your religious beliefs.  You are important, as you are!

w Be Willing to do nothing; or anything.  There is one thing God will not do by force; Change your mind.  He will allow tragedy in our paths to soften our hearts and just like Pharaoh, send 10 plagues until we let your true self free.  True willingness is to lay your agenda down.  Now, I’m not speaking of an intellectual willingness, where you take in information and decide whether it ‘fits’ your plans.  It’s like a dead fish laying out of water, not flopping around.  True willingness gives up complete control to be led by Peace, even though the body wasn’t designed to operate under these conditions. 

If you find yourself resisting change, and you will, don’t sweat it.  If anxiety manifests when you’re not in charge, His grace is sufficient; so be honest enough to ask, “H.O.W. can I be happy?”
- Be Honest about resisting God’s leading- it called confession.
- Be Open about it- don’t hide behind fig leaves like Adam and Eve
- Be Willing to change your mind- you will be more willing to trust the unseen when you aren’t identifying with the world so strongly

Jesus teaches a more reckless abandoned faith than most of us would ever teach or preach.  True faith in God will lead you in places you do not want to go.  The daily changing of your mind, to rethink and trust in ways foreign to this natural world, is the hardest struggle you will ever face, yet will bring joy unspeakable.  In John 21:18 Jesus tells Peter, when he was younger he was able to feed himself and cloth himself, but when he is more mature in his faith, he would be led around with his eyes closed and the Holy Spirit would carry him into places he did not want to go. If your flesh is always agreeing (never offended) with the direction you are going, you probably are not being led by the Spirit; because your body and the Spirit have opposite desires.

I Am,
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