Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Down to the Core

Your human mind is a picture of your own snare, keeping you from experiencing the abundance of Life God desires for you.

onionPsychologists long have known that most our problems are 'Presenting Problems'.  'Presenting Problems' are simply problems in our lives that are only a small portion of the 'main' problem lying beneath.  As we explore the ‘Presenting Problem’ we peal back to the true fears and motivations of the heart.  Just as an onion is pealed back, we will find the core issue if we are honest and transparent. 

In order to lay down my burden, I must first identify it.  Man's burden is living based on knowledge of either good -or- evil (fear).

No one would argue that their mind is comparable to God’s, and yet, we process information and make decisions like our way of thinking is the only way.  God couldn’t be more clear in His word that His ways are above our ways.  What does ‘above our ways’ mean? 

- Does it mean that His calculator is faster? 

- Does it mean that God has all the factors and knows the answer based on more intelligence?

- Does it mean God is smarter than me?

Of course, God is all those things, but what God is speaking of is much deeper and more simple.  His ways are above our ways because they come from another dimension.  Tragically, our human minds can’t understand how to transcend it’s own thoughts, because our minds are ‘caged’ within themselves, as long as it’s left unchecked and in charge of our destiny. 

Our minds are programmed by God, since the fall of man, to walk by sight, sound, feeling and other sensory stimuli.  There is only one way to accept such faith, and that is to deny yourself of the way that comes natural according to the world. 

Our human lives are meant to reveal the many ‘portals’ into the mind of Christ and ever loving relationship with our Father.  The challenges of life, ‘Presenting Problems’, present themselves to reveal that intellectual answers just won’t cut it.

I Am,


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